Removed domain from Cloudflare but cannot set up cPanel either

I removed a domain from Cloudflare a few weeks ago in order to it set up directly through my cPanel. However even though the domain is no longer listed in my online Cloudflare account (I checked), I cannot set it up through cPanel. I get a message ‘user with user_key xxx does not exist’. Some kind of glitch?

Do you get this error from Cloudflare or from your cPanel?

If from cPanel, why do you believe the issue to be on Cloudflare’s side?

The error happens when I try to add the domain to the Cloudflare page in cPanel. I first contacted my hosting company (A2hosting), they told me that I needed to contact Cloudflare.

Hosting companies are pretty good at blaming Cloudflare. That error you posted is not a Cloudflare error.

Do you have any other domains in cPanel you can test?

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And your host doesn’t know what that error means? They should. It’s part of their Hosting Partner setup for Cloudflare.

I figured it out. It was actually an issue with my domain registrar.

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Yah, I was a little too fast with my solution. The issue is not my registrar. The problem is that once I have set up a domain through Cloudflare I can not change over to CPanel. Even if I delete the domain name on How can I fix that?

Why are you trying to do it through cPanel instead of directly with Cloudflare? A2hosting doesn’t seem interested in fixing it, and doing it directly here always gives you more flexibility.

I am curious as to why you think it is A2hosting? The error only happens with the 3 domains that were previously registered with Cloudflare. In order to troubleshoot I set up several domains through cPanel that were never previously part of a Cloudflare plan and there was no problem with them.

A2Hosting has put themselves between your domain and Cloudflare by adding the plugin to their cPanel. The plugin uses A2Hosting’s credentials to configure your A2Hosting-hosted domain to use Cloudflare.

If you stop using A2Hosting’s cPanel for your Cloudflare integration and dealt directly with Cloudflare, you wouldn’t have this problem.

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