Removed Domain from account but still connected. Unable to deregister


I registered my domain from this account then removed it. But it is still it is connected and not removed completely. I cannot see it in my account. I have attached screenshots of Confirmation Email and I can also see the delays of cloudflare in Gtmetrix speed test. this is my domain please have I look it has delays in main thread and JS execution. I don’t know to which account it is connected. What should I do? How can I remove it myself because I cannot see domain registered in my account. I cannot proceed further and provision my domain through cpanel partial zone setup as it is saying that my domain is connected to other account. I have never used any other account in cloudflare. If I try to connect my domain to new account it is also saying that my domain is connected to another account.

I need help regarding removal of my domain from zone. I would be very thankful for your small help

Thanks in advance.

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That’s a strange looking message, but your domain definitely isn’t using Cloudflare. It’s using GigiList DNS and a LiteSpeed web server.

Please check GTmetrix screenshot below I have a delay also because of Cloudflare. That is really strange. I am not using cloudflare than why I have delay because of cloudflare CDN? and why I cannot partial setup my domain with CNAME? I am getting an error that my domain is already registered. How can I solve this issue?

That’s not your Cloudflare account. That’s a JS repository that many WordPress plugin developers use.


Alright. thanks for clearing out. But problem is still there that I cannot set up my domain through my cpanel. I want to use partial setup with CName but I get an error that my domain is already registered with another account. I have attached screenshot below, as you can see that my domain is listed in cpanel and when I want to Provision domain with Cname and I get error below. I would love to use Cloudflare but unfortunately I am stuck.

Thanks once again.

I am stuck somewhere in loop. When I try with new account I get same error and also with the account which I registered first. With both of them I am getting this error.

You’ll have to open a Support ticket to see if they can clear this up.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Dear Community member,

I am a new User of Cloudflare. I am very much frustrated with this error.

I recently moved my hosting and my new hosting was offering new cloudflare CDN setup. I made an account [email protected] and attached my website domain to that account. Then I realised that I don’t want to use this email address and deleted my domain from [email protected]. I made a new account again lets say [email protected] then again I linked my site from this account and again removed it because It was showing me type full with name server changes but I didn’t want to do with name server change rather with CNAME setup so I again deleted my domain from [email protected] through cloudflare website. Then I logged into cloudflare through cpanel with my newly created account [email protected], there i could see my domain was listed. so when I click “provision domain with CName Setup” I am getting an error that my domain is already registered with another account. I deleted it from my [email protected] successfully. I don’t know why it is showing this error. I logged into both account [email protected] and [email protected] but my domain is not registered in both of these account but still I see this error.

I logged into both of my email accounts through cpanel and clicked “provision domain with Cname setup” but I am getting same error for both. and after one hour when I try to reach my website then I cannot log into my website as it says error 502 cloudflare error. I have to ask my hosting to remove my domain from zone editor.

I would be very happy if you could please help me in this case. I would love to use cloudflare but unfortunately I cannot proceed further and neither I have received reply from cloudflare.

Thank you so much in advance.

Kind Regards,

I am not sure I’m following this exactly, but if the domain is active on a partial partner setup in another account, you need to contact the partner and make changes with them. If you want to remove it from that account, the partner can assist you. Neither cloudflare nor this Community can.

I noticed your ticket and added myself to it. If you are asking Cloudflare Customer Support to purge the domain from another accounts, you need to contact them from the email address with the active domain. For security purposes, we can only work with the owner of the domain.

Thanks for you kind reply. Let me be more precise, As I mentioned in my ticket and in the message above. I registered my domain first to cloudflare with {redacted} and then removed it. Then I added my domain to {redacted} and I open my cloudflare through cpanel and tried to setup: I saw that my domain was full partner setup but I wanted to do partial setup and provision my domain through CName . I logged into my {redacted} account through cloudflare website and removed it again. so that I can do partial partner setup with {redacted} through my cpanel. But it is saying that my domain is registered to another account. I tried with my both accounts {redacted} and {redacted} but both says that my domain is already registered. I have never used Cloudflare before and never registered my domain except these two accounts.

This is my domain {redacted}. Can you please tell me what does is mean by “I have to contact with active domain email address”? because as I mentioned my domain is not active neither of above mentioned email accounts. Does it mean that I must contact cloudflare with {redacted} because I added my domain first in this account and then removed it. Or do I need to contact with the email account from which I purchased my domain?

If it is possible can you please mention to which email account my domain is registered so that I open a ticket with that email account.

I will be waiting for you kind reply.

Thank you so much

Kind regards

I see communications from multiple emails, but you need to contact Support from the email address that holds the active zone. If you’re unable to find that address, you may do best to move the domain to a new account and change the name servers at your registrar. This will ensure access going forward.

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