Removed Clickfunnels DNS Records from my DNS records and now my website won't load

I recently added my website to Clickfunnels, and after I saw how the website was laid out I change my mind and disconnected it from Clickfunnels. I came back to Cloudflare to delete all unnecessary records - now I only have the “A” and “CNAME” records, both are proxied.

I keep getting an error when I try to go to my website. It says that the website is not redirecting properly. I am not too tech savvy, and I am not exactly sure how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues your facing - there could be a lot of possibilities on causes for this issue.

It sounds like you are seeing a redirect loop meaning that there are conflicting HTTP requests configured either at on Cloudflare or your origin server, or conflicting redirects on both.

The most common cause for this on Cloudflare is a misconfigured SSL/TLS encryption mode - ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

You can go to the Cloudflare dashboard and under SSL/TLS Overview page if you are currently set to Flexible - try changing this to Full SSL mode.

As mentioned there is a lot of possibilities that could be going on here, this is the most common because Cloudflare sees, but without visibility and testing in your site it is harder to get specific - this change may also have adverse effects if you are not sure what the implications are, but if your site is offline right now this is the best shot and getting back online.

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Hi Damian,

Thank you for the assistance!

I switched from Flexible to Full, but the issue still remains. Is there another common problem that may be taking place? The error message I am receiving is the one you mentioned.

Can you share your domain and the IP address of your A record? That way I could see where the redirect occurs.

Hi Laudian,

Thank you for responding!

The domain is

The IP address is

Thank you for taking a look at it!

Did you create any Redirect or Page Rules in Cloudflare?

Currently, is redirecting to location: is redirecting to location:

I have not created anything like that. I only have the A and CNAME records in the DNS

Can you go to (select your account and domain) and check if you have any Page or Redirect Rules?

The redirect is not coming from your server, so you should have a rule in Cloudflare that causes the redirect.

Also, when you say you have a CNAME record, is that just from to or to an external hostname?

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I went to the link you provided and I do not have any page rules. It does tell me that I have 3 page rules left, I am assuming that is standard for the Free Account plan.

And yes, for the CNAME that is to

Thank you for your continued help.

And what about redirect rules? Also nothing?

What about Bulk redirects, which you can find here?

I’ll come up with possible alternatives while you check this :wink:

There are no redirect rules.

As for the Buld Redirects, this is what I found.

Thank you for your continued support!

What do you see when you open the Bulk Redirect list?

But anyway, that should be the culprit. Can you disable the Bulk Redirect for a test?

That worked! Thank you so much!

What I saw in the Bulk Redirects was two of the same thing. I am assuming that is what caused all the redirect issues.

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