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I’ve transferred a domain to cloudflare’s registrar, which I host at other company, without realizing I’d need a PHD on CS to maintain it. After a lot of research I was finally able to simply make it work, but now some subdomains don’t work.
I wanna disable every cloudflare functionality - actually, I want to remove my website from cloudflare, but my domain is now registered here. When I try to “Remove this website from Cloudflare”, I get the message “The zone cannot be deleted as the domain is currently registered through Cloudflare’s registrar.”
Is it possible to keep my domain here, completely disabling everything?

You can’t remove your domain from Cloudflare’s DNS services without transferring it back out again, however you can manage the DNS records on Cloudflare and disable every other feature by either:

This option was intentionally disabled since you cannot change the domain nameservers to another provider while on Cloudflare Registrar so removing the zone associated with the registration would “brick” the domain and stop it working without intervention from Support.

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Thank you very very much for your kind and fast reply.
I had already paused it, but it’s still a mess. I have 8 subdomains, 3 of them working and the others with different issues. One issue I have in 3 of them is with Let’s encrypt: “Domain DNS does not point to your Pair Networks (my hosting company) hosting server.”
I guess it does point to my hosting server, since the domain is working. Any suggestion on what to try to solve this subdomain issue?

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