Remove website from cloudflare

I have a website which my host tells me is currently under attack form bots, which has made it shut down. The host told me to activate Cloudflare through their C Panel, when I try to do so an error comes up saying that the domain is already activated under a different account. My host said I need to remove it from my Cloudflare account - that they set up automatically when I started my site - I login to an account with Cloudflare and my website is not listed under my account. Mt host says I need to contact Cloudflare, but I cant submit a ticket to Cloudflare to have it sorted as I dont have a domain listed…

So I am here, I do not know what to do, my site is down and has been for hours. My host says I can only fix it though CloudFlare, but I cannot contact CloudFLare to fix it.

Who can I talk to?!

You go to your dashboard, open your domain’s Overview screen, scroll down and choose the Remove option at the bottom.

Also make sure your domain’s nameservers point to your host.

Thanks Sandro, but I have no domain associated with the account, so I cant remove it… This is my problem, SiteGround tell me to remove a site from CloudFlare, but CloudFlare doesn’t have the site listed. :exploding_head:

Another account maybe. Whats the domain?

I don’t know how to access any other accounts, my host said it must have been set up automatically with my site hosting, but they cant do anything, its up to CLoudFlare. My domain is

Via them? Did you have another hosting provider before?

no, only ever one host, they said they cant tell me anything more or do anything, I have to do it with CloudFlare

Your domain is active on Cloudflare with the nameservers jerry and lina. Do these nameservers ring a bell?

No, where can you find that info?

In that case you best drop support an email at [email protected] and clarify this with them.

Thanks Sandro, you have been more help than my host, but where did you find the names jerry and lina?

On Cloudflare’s side, but if these nameservers are not relevant it doesnt really matter. At this point only Cloudflare can clarify where your domain is active.

Thanks so much, I will email the support address you gave me.

Just tell them the same that your domain is active on Cloudflare for some reason, on an account you are not aware of. Actually, as your domain does not point to Cloudflare, Cloudflare should remove it from their system eventually anyhow, but that will take some time and if you need your host to set it up, Cloudflare will have to adjust that manually.