Remove website but keep domain

I want to remove my website but keep my domain i purchased through cloudflare.

I want to deploy a new page from a git repo to my old custom domain.

I tried and it made a cname for to my custom domain.

Thank you

Is the “old” site a Pages site? If so, remove the custom domain from the old Pages project, or go into the project’s SETTINGS tab to DELETE the project completely if desired. After this, add the custom domain to the new Pages project… Cloudflare will add the appropriate DNS record automatically.

If the “old” site is not a Pages site but an externally hosted website, then simply remove the appropriate A, AAAA, or CNAME record from your Cloudflare DNS app to disconnect the domain from your external hosting provider. Then add the custom domain to your new Pages project. Cloudflare will create the appropriate DNS record automatically.

This is the expected behaviour: the Pages project will have a default <YOUR_SITE> subdomain, and adding your custom domain will create a CNAME record to this subdomain.

See the official Cloudflare Pages custom domain documentation below.

If something is not working or you need further help, please provide your actual domain (or subdomain) so I can look up the current DNS config and provide tailored assistance.

Good luck!

So the “old” site is just a ‘hello world’.txt from the domain I purchased from CF (

I made a new git repo and deployed it at domain.

CF won’t let me delete the website without contacting support and I don’t think there is any external external name servers to edit.