Remove web analytics

I have tested out the web analytics on my domain and can access it through account → web anlytics
I can add more domains but I cannot figure out how to disable it
Where is the disable/remove button?

There should be a “Manage Site” link you can click on that will lead you to a Delete option.

It shows info but I dont see a way to delete/disable or change the implementation from automatic

Click the “Web Analytics Sites” link in the left column.

That takes me right back to the list of analytic sites (the page before this one)

And your site isn’t listed there? If so, is it the first one, or is it one of the others?

Clicking Manage Site should get this:

It showed that now. I dont know what I was doing but when clicking on manage before it took me to the info page. Thanks for helping me with my ID-10-T error :slight_smile:

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