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I am 99% sure i gave access to my web maintenance firm. How can I see anyone to whom I have granted access? How can I remove someone who should not longer have access? thank you

Hi @renee,

Under your account, there is a Members tab that lists anyone with dashboard access.

The other possibility is that you gave then access via the API? If you may have done that, rotate your API keys to be safe.


Thank you for your speedy response. I do not see “members” on the side bar or under account… ? can you please be a bit more specific about where I can find it? (I do not remember having this issue when I set it up…so page must have changed)

If you click this link then it should redirect you to the members section:

Thank you! That works–but how does one navigate from login to member?

There is a tab at the top of the home page

I just logged out and logged into new browser—not same menu you showed –also clicked on “cloudflare” thinking that would take me to home page but it did not take me any place else. Also, the page actually says (and this is copied from the page: Home


I suspect you are seeing the new navigation with a sidebar menu instead. I don’t have access to that so I can’t confirm where to find it. Maybe someone else here does.

Thank you—In the meantime, I saved the link you sent!


If you are seeing the sidebar then you need to expand Manage Account and Members will be there.

Aha!! THANK YOU!!!


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