Remove usage of deprecated API

The usage of StorageType.persistent in the cdn-cgi/challenge-platform/scripts/jsd/main.js is breaking out lighthouse scoring and, what is maybe worse, indicates that the functionality will possibly soon break in later Chrome releases.

This error has been here for a long while and I think it is about time it gets fixed!

StorageType.persistent is deprecated. Please use standardized instead.

@cscharff unsure what you mean by posting a reference to that thread. In that thread it says that you can just ignore the warning but that seems like an ignorant answer since the warning is there for a reason.

I hope you were ironic in your comment about you covering up your check oil lamp with electrical tape (otherwise you will eventually see what my point here is and your engine will blow)

Anyhow I consider it to be a hygiene factor for a big tech supplier like Cloudflare to get rid of such warnings.

I wasn’t being ironic at all. The warning is nothing like an engine oil light. It doesn’t hurt anything to except a score on a tool. If a score on the tool is more important you should disable the feature or select a different provider.

The thread explains why it is the way it is, yet you conveniently fail to mention it at all. Improving the hygiene would decrease the effectiveness of the Cloudflare tool using it.

Why specifically should Cloudflare remove it in your opinion? What risk of an engine blowing is there exactly?

The risk is that the the functionality that is deprecated suddenly isn’t there anymore. That’s a quite common situation with deprecated functionality that sooner or later the support is removed.

Anyway there should be a contradiction in fixing this warning and still supporting whatnot browsers, old or new, to both being able to support ancient browsers as well as current ones.

One could simple progressively test for existence and if it is not available one could use the old StorageType.persistent instead.

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Nothing would happen.

As has been mentioned a few times, the warning can be disregarded. Alternatively you can disable the bot protection feature that injects the script if you need to remove the warning badly enough.

If nothing would happen I don’t see why changing the API to the new one would hurt (seems better to support all new upcoming browsers with possibly removed functionality than to stick forever with the old implementation)

This seems like an quite easy fix so I don’t quite understand the stubbornness in repeating that the warning should just be ignored. Think of the situation if everybody acted this way, then we would be cluttered by hundreds of warnings and wouldn’t be able to navigate between warnings with impact and warnings without any real impact.

Another question is if you are 100% sure that the hit in best practice scoring doesn’t affect the ranking of google searches etc. (as far as I know these ranking algorithms is not officially revealed so why take the chance)

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