Remove unused zone on domain

Hi, I am writing to you about the domain

My host, Kinsta, has detected an old, unused Cloudflare DNS zone for my domain. Would you please remove it from your system?

I confirm that I have access to DNS for the domain and am willing to add a TXT record to prove domain ownership. Please send the TXT record you would like me to use.

The issue here is that this hostname is still managed by a service provider that uses your SSL for SaaS solution.

I OWN the domain. Please remove the SSL certificate or whatever is causing the conflict from your system. I can provide whatever proof you may need that I own the domain.

I want to be very clear that we DO NOT have access to the old hosting provider, and we are unable to have them remove this from their end.


There should be no need to do so, as the new host can override it.

Name Servers and DNS are the thing that dictates things.

You can clear this up in minutes using Liberate The Hostname.

Unfortunately, this is not correct information. Name servers, and A record are both pointing to the new host. However, we use Kinsta (which integrates with Cloudflare), and the issue here is that this hostname is still managed by a service provider that uses Cloudflare SSL for SaaS solution. The old hosting refuses to remove the domain from their Cloudflare, so it is causing a conflict in resolution.

Tried this method, but couldn’t get it to work. Added the DNS records for verification, used to check that they were active, but every time I would check the hostname using the tool (for several hours) it just said “Pending” for the status. The records were never verified, so couldn’t proceed to the next step.

This is a huge issue within Cloudflare, and there doesn’t appear to be an easy solution for this as I have run into it many times.

The only solution if the old host refuses to remove the zone from their Cloudflare is to contact Cloudflare via ticket and request that they remove the host on their end after we prove ownership of the domain via TXT record verification.

The problem with the above is it takes 24-48 just to initiate a response from Cloudflare in a ticket, and after we add TXT record verification to prove ownership, it can take up to a week for Cloudflare to finally respond and remove the domain. Usually by that time it has been so long that Cloudflare automatically removes the zone from their system as the name servers haven’t been pointed to it in over a week.

Yeah, I have been informed it’s still not visible to 100% of customers, which means you might be right.

You are the first I read that has issues with the tool there.

Would you mind retrying, you might have added some wrong record.

Yeah, you’d also need the NS to point to Cloudflare to get support… and 12-24hrs for a reply from Cloudflare is very optimistic lately, especially if you are on free and we need to escalate it as no ticket can be created by you.

I have received confirmation that you added wrong records, you need to add a CNAME.

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