Remove TXT file

I had to reinstall my docker host and now it’s impossible to configure treafik as my reverse proxy; the traefik setup needs to create a new txt file and because of the running Cloudflare service the file is already present.

It seems like that regular users arent able to delete the txt file, so please help me out…!

Hi @dennis8, what is the text file the setup needs to create? Can you see the file from your DNS tab or only when looking at files on the origin server?

Hi @cloonan, traefik needs to create the TXT record itself, i cannot see or delete it from the DNS tab… it should be removed directly on the server i guess…

Got it, I was curious if the file was added to your DNS records and could be deleted via the tab. It sounds as if your hosting provider may need to remove the file for you if you can’t access the server directly.

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