Remove the AAAA records that are not visible in the dashboard

Tilda keeps asking me to remove the AAAA records, but i am not able to see them in the dashboard. They keep telling me to submit a ticket and I keep telling them that it’s redik to need to do this in 2023 given I’ve not had the issue with any other site in 30 years.

So here I am. They win.

What’s the hack, trick, or magic potion to remove an AAAA record when I can’t see one?


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Are you trying to set up a custom domain with I see a help article in their KB that has an A record method.

If they are looking for their IP in your DNS to validate your name, you will need to ensure that the record is not :orange: proxied in Cloudflare. Proxied records publish both A and AAAA records of Cloudflare IPs.


Thanks and yes and no. I’ve already set it up, and it’s already functioning,m however the website keeps dropping off at a server level and Tilda tell me it’s because of the AAAA record and they keep asking for me to remove it, or have you guys remove it. Thats all I can tell you - not being a dev expert. Hope that helps?

Do you have a :orange: Cloud in your DNS Setting like mentioned? When yes you would need to change it to a :grey: Cloud to unproxy the Record. All Proxied Records will Publish A and AAAA Records and there is nothing you can do against it as far i know.

But you need to know that you deactivate all Cloudflare Features for that Record when you unproxy it.

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What exactly is the problem that Tilda is claiming is being caused by AAAA records? If you only have an A record in your dashboard, no IPv6 traffic will be sent to your origin site. Proxied A records will accept IPv4 or IPv6 to the Cloudflare proxy. All traffic to the origin will be sent via IPv4.

From their Documentation it seems like their System searches for the Provided IP-Adresses from them to Confirm that the Domain is correctly configurated and will not enable the Site when this is not correct. Same Problem Wix has in the End

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That should be easily solved by setting records to :grey: DNS Only.

@nutshelled Are your A records set to :grey: DNS Only?

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Thanks guys and good Q #epic. How would I check that they’re set to DNS only?

Look at the records in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app.

:grey: DNS Only
:orange: Proxied

This Community Tutorial has a more detailed explanation.

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