Remove support enquiry from public domain

I submitted an inquiry about my email issue previously, and Cloudflare has already provided a solution. However, I would like to remove the inquiry from public access because Perplexity AI keeps displaying the inquiry about my site, even though they manually removed it when I requested it. Please advise on a solution.

I see one other topic from you posted on this site, I have deleted that topic. Is that the inquiry you are referencing?

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Dear Cloonan,

Yes, thats the topic and thank you very much. For now, Perplexity is not showing that reference but it’s still showing in Google search. I hope in future it won’t appear in Google as well. If you have any suggestions on how I can get in touch with Google to remove the link or referral I would appreciate it as well. Thank you

After 24 hours it should not show any longer

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