Remove Site from Cloudflare

If I elect to remove my domain from Cloudflare can I transfer it to GoDaddy?


I’d firstly determine who is the domain registrar. Is it Cloudflare or?
There is a process which includes step-by-step how to transfer out your domain name from Cloudflare Registrar to some other domain registrar like GoDaddy, etc.

Or, your domain name is already registered at some other domain registrar and you want to “unhook”, remove your domain name from your Cloudflare account?

Have you added your domain name to your Cloudflare account individually, or via some 3rd-party integrator?

I added it myself. Cloudflare is the domain registrar.

If I click on “Remove Site from Cloudflare” will I lose it entirely?

If you own the domain name and remove the zone from Cloudflare, you still own the domain. If Cloudflare is the registrar you’d need to first transfer the domain to another registrar and independent of that, you could also opt to remove the zone from your Cloudflare account (we call it moved), to do so, after you change registrars then select the remove site from Cloudflare and change your nameservers away from Cloudflare at your new registrar.

Let us know along the way if questions come up.

Thank you

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