Remove query strings from static resources



I’m new to Cloudflare. I think install works… lol
But is there a way to fix this via cloudflare?
I already made a page rule: Cache everything.


And this ?
Serve static content from a cookieless domain


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  • Query strings are related to the HTML code, so nothing that Cloudflare can do (well, technically it can, but it doesn’t).
  • The second message isn’t really solvable, there will never be a request proxied through CF without a cookie (it is used for security and performance reasons), but it doesn’t actually cause any problems.


Thank you for your fast reply.
Well, than I think I my forum is at MAX speed now.
I was just worried about that F grade. Don’t like getting an “F” haha



Yeah, those tools are good and all, but they are not always correct!


The Query string grade might be due to caching, but if the query string never changes, Cloudflare’s Standard caching will work fine. There is an “Ignore Query String” setting that will server the same resource regardless of the query string. Then there’s also the idea that some query strings that will expose the version number of the software you’re using.

The cookieless issue really is a non-issue. The cookies are so lightweight they don’t impact performance, plus there’s nothing you can do about Cloudflare cookies anyway.


The only scores that matter are those with speed numbers. How long something takes. As described above, those Fs are meaningless. Just look at the bottom line.

What service did you use for speed testing?


I used this:!/bqranb/
This is what I have now, so I think all is good.


I see one big problem, request count. HTTP/2 is multiplexed, but 117 requests for a total 840 KB is a bit much, I believe. Especially since CF servers are not HTTP/2 to the origin, don’t think they will open 117 simultaneous connections to the origin for each POP or even user depending on caching, especially on a free plan (?).

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