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Idk how the Cloudflare Community can help me there but Yuri from the Cloudflare Support said I should ask here and did a Discord like move (ignored it and left it open). But yea for a long time I have the problem that I can’t remove an account I got access to and this causes problems with the authorization of Cloudflare Workers because access is constantly asked for the account and not for my account (I didn’t even get a choice between the two accounts). I had already contacted Cloudflare support about this, but I had read over the emails where they replied. However, two days ago I wanted to do something with Cloudflare Workers and log in with the Workers CLI and yes, I came across the problem I had already mentioned. So I opened a new ticket and described my problem and explicitly mentioned that I don’t own the account and can’t remove it or have no rights to it (idk why) then Yuri said that due to a high workload of Cloudflare support they can’t help me and I should contact the community and then I replied to it and then got no more feedback. (He/She also said that I should call this Community Post like I did in the Support Ticket and I wont do that because I dont want to leak E-Mail Addresses from people I helped once or I dont even know or have the permit to it)

Ticket ID:
First Ticket: #3145302
Last Ticket: 3199817


Sorry for the issues you are facing. I have responded to your ticket as that is the best place to discuss account related matters. So please review ticket # [3199817] ( for the follow-up response to this post.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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