Remove or Disable Railgun


I was investigating an issue on my website after moving to Ezoic hosting platform. Ezoic support got back to me that it appears I have railgun enabled. I checked and noticed the option for Railgun on this domain but all other domains I have does not have railgun option in them.

So not sure how this came about on my domain since I do not have a Business/Enterprise level plan. If I want to disable it for now, is just toggling the on/off button enough despite railgun state still showing active?


I remember Railgun showed at some of my domains, even on those which were on the Free plan, but that was due to the web hosting provider (some kind of a hosting partner with cPanel hosting). I disabled it at Cloudflare dashboard as it wasn’t even configured and functioning at the hosting provider’s side, just in case, despite it still shows up nowadays.

Nevertheless, I am not familiar why you couldn’t if you wish to, have and use Railgun feature while using eZoic and integrated Cloudflare through them :thinking: however, it have some impact, but that’s what eZoic should tell you, if so (as you stated).

Any other issue you’re experiencing? :thinking:

I’d suggest you to look at eZoic support / FAQ page as far as they have.

I don’t know how did you integrated or enabled Cloudflare with eZoic, therefore there are topics here where people using eZoic have some issues, kindly use search :search: to find more additional information.

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