Remove old DNS records on Cloudflare

Need to remove old DNS records from Cloudflare that we aren’t using for

dig A +short

That terminal command returns Cloudflare IPs, but our website DNS is managed at Google and doesn’t use Cloudflare’s DNS and isn’t pointed to Cloudflare. How do we remove any references on Cloudflare for this domain? We’re wanting to point this domain to Kinsta, but they are saying there is an old record already on Cloudflare.

Thanks for any assistance.

You’d have to remove that domain from your Cloudflare account.

It’s not a domain we’ve ever managed in Cloudflare. We manage its DNS in Google Domains, but for whatever reason, it is showing some DNS records on Cloudflare. So I wasn’t sure what to do about it.

Thanks @sdayman

It certainly seems it hasn’t been on Cloudflare in the last 5 years, but for some reason it was assigned Cloudflare’s Earl and Karina name servers. If it’s never been active on Cloudflare, then there shouldn’t be an issue with Kinsta adding it to their system. Have they actually tried adding it? If that fails, they may have to contact Cloudflare Support for next steps.

They’ve told me there is a Cloudflare zone that has to be removed and reach out to Cloudflare support. :frowning:

Should I try adding their DNS to Cloudflare and see if the Cloudflare DNS Dashboard then shows the ZONE to remove it? @sdayman

That seems like it’s more likely to happen sooner than Cloudflare support reaching back out to me about this. But I’m suspect if that would actually solve anything.

You can certainly give that a try, but I’m not optimistic.

If Cloudflare lets you add it to your own account, then why couldn’t Kinsta do this? And if it’s not on an account you have access to, you don’t have much standing to request removal.


I own domain, currently, it has a conflicting DNS zone with my domain that I’m trying to set up at Kinsta, can you please remove the old zone?

This site is currently active on cloudflare, perhaps through your hosting provider or other cloudflare partner? If you cannot locate the account details you’ll need to add the zone to your account here and change the nameservers at your registrar.

The nameservers are pointed to Google and not Cloudflare. It’s been pointed to Google for a few years now. How should I resolve this? @cloonan

If you cannot locate the account details you’ll need to add the zone to your account here and change the nameservers at your registrar.

There are no old dns records to remove, the zone in active in a partial partner setup where name servers are not changed to cf.

If you cannot locate the old account, the easiest thing to do is add the site back to your account and change the name servers at your registrar.

Okay, I will add it to my Cloudflare account. If I remove it from my Cloudflare account after activating it would it delete the offending zones?

It’s a two-step process, but yes, once you add it to your account and change the nameservers to cloudflare then you can remove it from the active account and ask that cloudflare purge the zone. That will remove the records.

How do I ask Cloudflare to purge the zones?

After the site is active in your account open a ticket with the zone details, let them know you are going to remove the site from your account with the intent of moving it to a partner set up and ask them to purge it once you remove the site. They’ll probably ask you to reply back once you’ve deleted it to confirm purging the zone. The first reply you receive will tell you to post here, please do that with a reply to this post with the ticket number

Here’s the ticket number #2217562

It just went straight to solved. So no notice about verifying it being removed. But I’m guessing you can help there.

Thanks @cloonan

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I see the ticket. Support won’t be able to take any action until the site is active in your account, it’s currently showing as deleted, you’ll want to add it back and then change your nameservers at your domain registrar to the two shown on the dns app of your cloudflare dashboard. Once the change is picket up by our systems the site will become active in your account.

cool cool. Should be active most places. Still showing google in some locations DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Cloudflare’s showing it as active on my end now as well.

Thanks @cloonan

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So what’s the next step I need to take to contact Cloudflare to take a look at my request? I’ve reposted in my support tickets but they are all already marked as “solved”.


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I am escalating this post for the attention of my colleagues.

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