Remove my website from cloudflare

I want to remove my website from Cloudflare. I clicked the site then click on overview. However, I cannot see the ADVANCED ACTIONS button where I can click to remove. see the screenshot


here is the other screenshortcloudflare

Did you sign up via a hosting partner (one where you enable Cloudflare by entering your password in their website)? I believe the only times where the actions don’t show up is if you sign up via a partner, have a contract, or are an enterprise customer.

No. I just signed normally through the website

Keeps scrolling down (or do a find on the page for “Advanced”

I have scrolled all down and searched everywhere. cant find it

Even if you don’t find it, just changing your name servers at your Registrar will effectively remove it from Cloudflare. After a few weeks, Cloudflare will automatically drop it.

Though it would be nice to do a clean removal here.

If that’s your only domain here at Cloudflare, the Remove option probably doesn’t exist. But there should still be an Advanced Actions section that would let you “Pause Cloudflare on Site” on any domain (not that it’s what you’re looking for, but…just for reference)

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Thank you for the information. Yes it is the only domain maybe thats the reason. Your answer helped a lot.


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