Remove my email address from a suppression list

How can Cloudflare remove my email address from a suppression list?

I forgot my password from my second account and tried the recovery in the two suggested ways:

  • the account email,
  • the domain
    But in neither of the two ways the email with the code to change the password arrived.
    I’ve looked in the spam box and it’s not there either.
    How do I get access to my account again? Can you help me?
    The account email is this:
    Thanks a lot

Please contact support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email you shared, we can only work with the account holders. LMK once you have done that, please. Sorry for the issues.

I’ve done that, but I haven’t received any response.
I believe the email ( is on the suppression list and they shouldn’t even be receiving the messages from it… Is it possible?
thanks for the feedback

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Thank you, you should have received a reply on the ticket(s), lmk if you encounter further issues. Thank you!

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