Remove iOS Force Touch option "Disable" when using Warp for Teams

Hi all,

We are currently rolling out company iPhones with Warp for Teams installed and enabled by default.
The app is installing and working without issue, the XML config pushed to Warp is working too.
Part of the config is to force Warp enablement, and allow users to disconnect from Warp for a maximum of 5 minutes before reconnecting automatically - This is working also.

Our issue is stemming from the Force Touch option on iOS labeled “Disable” that, when used, disables Warp indefinitely until the app is reopened and not honouring the 5 minute reconnect.
Our question is, can we disable this Force Touch option so that users must open Warp to disconnect, and if so, how?
Could this a bug that needs to be addressed with the Warp app?
Or, is the “Disable” option in Force Touch an iOS option to which there is no solution?

We have checked the configuration parameters in the Warp deployment pages, but cannot locate anything referencing this option.

Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated, and thanks in advance!

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