Remove Inadvertently created Domain

We have always used one account for administering Cloudflare but are now activating individual accounts to do administration. Today while activating my new account I inadvertently created a duplicate domain under my login. Now we see our domain status “active” under account [email protected] and also our domain status “setup” under account [email protected]. I’d like to remove the one linked to my login with the status setup. But am not sure how? And, we certainly do not want to affect our existing domain.

Any assistance is certainly appreciated.

What is wrong with deleting the one with setup status? You get any error?

I am not certain of the process to actually delete the account. If you click one with setup status the next screen gives options to select a payment plan free…$20… I didn’t want to take the chance of affecting my active domain so I stopped there?

It should not make any trouble but let’s ask @sdayman to make sure.

You should be able to get to the Overview screen for the Pending domain. From that same screen, there should be a Remove Site from Cloudflare link in the bottom right corner.

Just make sure you’re on the Pending domain when you remove it. Each zone has its own ID number, so your actions in that zone only affect that Zone, as limited by the ID #.


If I click on the pending domain under my account [email protected] the next screen show “Select a plan” … Pretty sure I need to select free there and then once it is up… remove it… the existing domain, under [email protected] Does have a remove site from Cloudflare option in the lower right but (I am definitely not selecting that) seems I’m going to need to press on through the “Select a Plan screen” for the pending domain… before I can get to the point where I can remove that one… I just wanted to be careful not to supplant our existing Acitve domain in the process. We are a University and that wouldn’t be good. Would you concur that this would appear to be our next step?

I also just exported an backup copy of our DNS so we’ll have an up-to-date copy of everything.

Thank you for your assistance.

If you’re really nervous about it, just let it be. It’ll stay dormant and might very well disappear on its own.

If it was me and I really wanted to get rid of the duplicate, I’d proceed with the Free Plan option and then delete it.

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