Remove ezoic and getting DNS back to its state

Hi guys,

I tried to join ezoic, but i find their process very hard to follow. In a specific step, they asked me for cloudflare credentials and i figured that they added (or modified) some DNS records.

Now i don’t want to join their platform and i did remove cloudflare from my dashbord.

I would like to know, is there any other steps to take except removing cloudflare from my dashboard ?

Thank you.

You mean username and password?

Whatever secret credential they asked for (Password or Global API Key), change it.

You mean the EZoic dashboard/

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Sorry for my english, i’m french :slight_smile:

Yeah, they asked me for my login and password. Here is how i proceeded, maybe someone finds this useful :

1- I removed ezoic link to cloudflare,
2- I changed my website DNS settings to its default on my hosting dashboard (in my hosting dashboard there is a “default” button for DNS setttings).
3- Waited some couple of minutes, then removed my website from cloudflare.
4- To avoid any security problems, on my hosting dashboard, I issued a free let’s encrypt SSL certificate (since i was on cloudlfare SSL)
5- I changed my cloudflare password
6- I re-added my website again to cloudflare.
7- ezoic DNS settings has been deleted.

Everything is great now.

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