Remove domain not yet active?



I added a domain to my CF account. I need to remove it, but the domain is “not yet active” - meaning there is no Advanced tab, and so no delete button.

Can anyone tell me how to delete domains that are not yet active?

Many thanks for your assistance.

How quickly did you try to remove it after adding it? That happened once to me too, I believe I had had to wait a few minutes or had to log out and in back again to have the remove link appear. But the button should be there eventually.

It’s been a few days now, and I have logged out and back in again. Keep in mind this is for a ‘not yet active’ domain, and the options in Overview for a not yet active domain are very different from an active domain. I.e. no delete button anywhere that I can see. Anyone know where that might be?

I have a zone with similar timing. Just found remove domain under advanced actions on overview tab.

I set up a new account with a new single domain a few days ago and there was no delete button. Upon adding a second domain, the delete button appeared for both.

This was all before changing any nameserver information.

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