Remove domain from shopify not working, can not open my website now

Hi there, i connected my domain to shopify, and removed the connection a few days ago, but now i cannot open my website, it shows

There was a problem loading this website
Try refreshing the page.

If the site still doesn't load, please try again in a few minutes.

, i changed my dns record, but it does not working, others told me it need Cloudflare to remove connection with shopify sass setting, someone please help me

Shopify is your first port of call for this, they are supposed to remove churned hostnames as Cloudflare has no way of verifying your domain ownership, shopify does.

Unfortunately, their ability to do the job accurately and consistently is spotty at best, some customers get a correct reply immediately and some are sent in circles with gibberish replies. Follow the steps in the process outlined here and let us know.

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