Remove dns records from cloudflare for bluehost hosting


I’ve registered my domain with Cloudflare and have wordpress webhosting with bluehost.
To connect my domain to the bluehost account they have asked for this:

Log in to your domain’s current registrar.

Remove the following DNS records

Add the following DNS A Record

I have added the new A record but can’t seem to find the other DNS Records to remove them.
There are two NS records which I can’t edit unless I get a business plan.

Current proxy status is proxied.

Bluehost is saying things are still connecting.

Screenshots attached.

Those are Cloudflare’s proxy IP addresses. If you proxy a record, Cloudflare will publish it’s own IPs instead of your server’s IP.

If you need the server’s actual IP to be displayed, change the record to DNS-only.

Thank you,

I’ve turned off proxied. So hopefully that should get rid of the detected A records?
I’m assuming it will take up to 48hrs to updated so I shall keep you updated.

Thank you

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