Remove DNS records for SSL certificate verification

Hi! In order to have the SSL certificate verified and installed by siteground I need to remove all present CAA records. I have gone through similar posts and have disabled AMP, SXG, Universal SSL, however I can still see those CAA records. Please help me in finding a solution? Thank you!
(The website is

You don’t need to. You can surely kill a bug with a shotgun, but you surely don’t need a gun to kill a bug. (Reminds me of my early days in tech support when vendors would request that we disable firewalls for their software to work.)

All you have to do is add the new Certificate Authority (CA) to your existing CAA records, which should permit that new CA to also issue certificates for your domain.

CAA records are just DNS records. So check your Cloudflare DNS page, and if you see the CAA records there, amend them as desired.

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Thank you for your reply! That shotgun analogy is funny, lol, and makes sense. I have limited knowledge of this topic so I’m going by what siteground is asking me to do. I’ll ask them for the solution you have suggested about adding a new CA.
The CAA records are actually not showing up on the Cloudflare DNS page so not directly editable/ removable. Based on other similar posts similar posts disabling AMP, SXG, Universal SSL removes them, but that has not worked for me.

Right, they won’t show up in your DNS list.

Which one is Siteground trying to install? It’d be best to manually set up all records as shown here:

And then add two more for Siteground’s choice.


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