remove DDOS protections from cloudflare on clickfunnel


Have you found a way to directly remove cloudflare DDOS protections on clickfunnel landing pages?

I would like to be able to remove the protection on some of my funnels.

Thank you in advance

Enterprise customers can do this.

who ?

Clickfunnels controls your Cloudflare settings, so you would have to contact them about this.

they redirect me directly to cloudfllare to solve my problem but I can’t find the solution here

That’s unfortunate that they don’t know how their own system works, but I’m afraid they gave you bad advice.

According to their own documentation, your CNAME here is a DNS-Only record that points to their servers, hence the reason you can’t control Cloudflare settings for your clickfunnel site.

in this case, what advice would you give me so that I can remove the cloudflare protections from my Clickfunnel pages?