Remove Cookies for Static Resources


I have my website setup as and have a directory with my static images.

When Cloudflare does not have the file in cache, is there a way to make cloudflare NOT send cookies to request these files from my origin server?

There is no need for all of the cookie information to be send to these static files and I would like to disable the extra load if possible.

It also doesn’t appear to be able to disable Argo for GEO traffic either?

Thank you!

Sorry, but Cloudflare cookies can not be disabled:

As for Argo, it’s all or nothing. Why are you looking to disable it? I ask because its main advantage is with geo traffic.

The cloudflare cookies are fine, i’m talking about the request from cloudflare servers to the origin server for static files. These requests cookies can be quite big at sometimes and my origin server does not need these cookies.

For Argo, I want to benefit from where my users are located USA and Canada only. I do not care about the rest of the world and do not want to pay for a little extra performance to them.

Plus, all i’m doing lately is defending bots and spam attacks against me. I foresee the future as many bots come and start trying to drain bandwidth to add additional costs to my bills.

I am working on fixing parts of my newsletter this has happened to as of now.

Thanks for listening.

It’s not worth worrying about. The static file request + cookies get sent to your origin until the asset is cached. After that CF serves the file without hitting your server.
Instead, set a decent Browser Cache Expiration at your CF dashboard. 16 days makes google happy (SEO) and really boosts performance.

It seems as if files aren’t “hit” until they have been requested at least twice or more and with the amount of nodes out there, that can be quite a lot of traffic… for each file.

If it’s to all traffic that is being used and mostly cached and not under attack, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’m afraid of older images being requested through nodes constantly to hike up the bandwidth charges.

To me it’s a self maintaining scenario. Files that are requested a lot get cached. Those seldomly requested might not be.

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