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Hello, we have a problem related to the domain, our client was the owner of said domain and one of its employees hosted the content of the website on your platform. This domain is now under another registrar so our client is no longer the owner for some time, our problem is that the new owner has not changed the dns and therefore the content that a Former employee hosted on this platform. We need you to help us with the problem because the content displayed is not the property of the current registrar. The employee no longer works, since they are interns and we do not know which of them was the registered user. Please, please contact us to try to solve it as soon as possible, we have the original content of the website, the only thing we need is to provide enough content on your platform so that content that the new registrar does not own does not continue to appear. . .

The content won’t be hosted by Cloudflare. It looks like the domain expired and someone has bought it and used Cloudflare DNS to possibly point it at your existing hosting. You may find if you move the hosted site to another IP address it will stop working, or stop replying for that hostname. Alternatively they may have made a copy.

If you can’t do this, you can file a report here and Cloudflare will forward it to the host and the domain registrar…

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We have currently removed content from our host and subscriptions are down. Can you tell us which ips they are pointing to to follow the trace?

I can’t as I’m just a user. And Cloudflare staff won’t as they can’t give out information about an account that’s not yours for obvious reasons.

You will just have to use the abuse link above to report to the Trust and Safety team. The community can’t help with such issues other than point you there.

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I will do it that way, thanks for your answers.


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