Remove Cloudflare?

Hey all,

I’m pretty new to the web-hosting world and am deciding to remove Cloudflare. I tried it out at the free tier and have found a number of issues I don’t want to continue to try solving right now, as I’d rather go back to my old way of doing things where I just had my host and GoDaddy pointed to it, then I would control all my DNS records in cPanel where my SSL auto-renewed, etc.

tl;dr - What is the process for undoing the set up of Cloudflare? Can I simply change my nameservers with my domain registrar back to my old host, and ensure any DNS records I’ve added to Cloudflare are retained in my new (well, my old) DNS manager within cPanel?

I think I’d like to explore Cloudflare in the future, but right now it’s too much for me to learn and take on as a solopreneur, so any help with an “uninstall” / “undo” guide (for lack of a better term) would be fantastic.

Yes, that would work. Alternatively, you could change all DNS records in Cloudflare to DNS-only, that would also disable Cloudflare.


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