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I have like 9-10 cookies from Cloudflare on my website even without registering completely my website. For some reasons, in this moment I would need to remove them all but I don´t know how to do it and I don´t receive any response on the tickets section during weeks.

Any help?..Many thanks in advance

And no, they can’t be skipped.

I´m not sure I´m get it. So, it´s ok if I don´t have the help/protection cloudflare provide my website, so I would like Cloudflare to remove all the data and information of my website cookies included.

I am not quite sure what you mean. As long as your site is proxied through Cloudflare you will have the cookies in question in place.

What exactly do you want to achieve? You should probably post some sample links.

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Are these on your own pages, or on assets from third party domains like cdnjs?

I have these amount of cookies on my website from Cloudflare. I would like Cloudflare to remove them all, I mean I´m not interested at the moment on Cloudflare to look ove my web any more.

Thank you for your help and time!

That´s the thing, I don´t want my site being proxied through Cloudflare any more.

Many thanks for your help

Your site is currently not on Cloudflare, so these cookies will have come straight from visiting Cookies generally should be under your domain and those you won’t be able to remove.

If you remove your site from Cloudflare, as you intend to, any Cloudflare cookies won’t show up any more anyhow.

Judging from their last picture, those cookies look very recent, but added through their domain. They probably just need to clear them in their browser.

The cookies are all set for Cloudflare, not the domain. Right now the domain is not on Cloudflare, so there shouldn’t be any Cloudflare cookies anyhow.

All these cookies appear to be dashboard related, nothing proxy related.

Ok, I understand!

Many thanks for your help and explanations!.

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