Remove auto generated stylesheet/font family above end of head tag

When I connect my site to Cloudflare, a stylesheet automatically added before the end of head tag. Even I am not using this font family.

Because of this i got performance issues in Page speed insights. Please look and how i can remove this font auto generated by Cloudflare.


May I ask why you think Cloudflare would have injected that link-tag with this font there?
Please try put Cloudflare into developer mode and check if it still appears.

Because when I removed Cloudflare, then this font also not appear. I double checked in my HTML pandal there are no code includes with this font name or url.

There are no end tag in this stylesheet. But when I add my custom stylesheet, i need to end the stylesheet with /> or </link tag.
But there are only > tag is shown in the end.

Do you have some Cloudflare Add-ons or anything like this installed? Because I don’t know of any regular Cloudflare feature which will add this font before the closing body tag.

Do you have Zaraz turned on possibly? There’s an option there to inject custom HTML in all your pages.

The culprit is likely in one of these two places

Unless you’re doing something with a Worker possibly?

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