Remove app from the marketplace

Hi all,

I wanted to ask if there are procedures or best practices to remove a Cloudflare app from the Cloudflare marketplace and how to deal w/ the users that have already purchased the app.

Does anyone have insights on this? Thanks.

Hi @iubenda,

The recommended thing for this is to “unlist” the app, which hides it from search results, but allows existing users to continue to manage (and uninstall) the app.

If you would like to go forward with this, please create a support ticket (email [email protected] from your account email) and share the ticket ID with me so that I can escalate it to the right people.


@domjh Hi! Thank you for your help, we sent a support ticket as requested, ID: #2404937

Thanks, I’ve escalated that ticket.

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@domjh Thank you very much! How long before we can expect an answer? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure sorry, I see it’s still in the queue.

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I am looking into the ticket now.


Hello Team,

I am checking with the relevant team about this process as I am not very familiar with the process. Will update as soon as I get more information on this.


I figured that we need Cloudflare team to unlist the app for you and as recommended by @domjh it will hide from search results but existing users can continue to manage the app.

I have reached out to the correct team able to do this. Will let you know once it is actioned upon


2404937 has been updated & awaiting your response in regards to:

  • We can assist with removing iubenda from the marketplace.
  • (You can publish a final version of your app that updates your App Info describing a deprecation date , as well as a link to where your users should go).

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