Remove all IPs from IP Access Rules v2

Good day,
I need anything like this:

But we are not programers, and I don´t know why is not there an old very easy “Select all” option on page to delete… I need click nonstop a month to delete all IP rules.
Or its easier to create an another CF account and migrate there all pages?

You’ll need to either use the API or manually remove them.

If you’re going to use the API be aware there is an API for Account IP Access Rules and Zone.

This API is for Account, Zone API is just below that - Cloudflare API Documentation

I don’t know how or where insert API… Im not developer.

jkamphaus via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> ezt írta (időpont: 2023. márc. 23., Csü 0:08):

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