Remove a website from my account


I have a website that’s ‘pending nameserver…’ for ever (I’m not going to add this website to my account) so I would like to remove it from my account but how to do it, that’s a mistery!
Anyone that can help me with that would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


How long is “forever”? I did this to myself once. I don’t remember if it eventually timed out or if I used the API to remove the domain from my account.


Hi @djdakta,

Take a look at this page from Support:


At the bottom of the Overview page, right hand side, there is a Remove Site from Cloudflare option.


For Enterprise accounts, contact your Customer Success Engineer.


Ok, I just tried this for a domain I don’t own, but added…the Overview screen tells you it’s pending, but if you scroll down…just do what @Michael posted right when I was typing this. :smiley:


for a few months now ‘forever’… :slight_smile:


Wohhh oh oh oh oh oh…
Thank you so much…
Pfff… That I missed that!
Shame on me!
Site is now gone ‘forever’… :-p

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