Remove a domain


I need some help with an old domain that i want to remove. Can someone help with this subject?



You can remove it from the dash zone overview page, lower right corner, under Advance Actions

I don´t have acess, because the domain was created many years ago and no one at the company remember who made the register of the domain. We have a new domain, so we must find a way to shutdown the old. Can anyone help with situation?

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Can you share the name of the domain you want shut down?


The domain is

Thanks for the help

Thank you. Is the site content that is showing there your former site content?

I suspect the domain expired and someone else purchased it, that happens and I don’t think there is a lot you can do about someone else owning a domain you used to own.

However, if the site is showing your content, you may be able to document that and reach out to the current domain registrar to see if they can assist. You could also reach out to the admin contacts shown on whois to see if they are willing to assist in removing your content. I am not an attorney, if it is your content, you may want to consult one before you take any of the above actions.