Removal on "zone_set" from API

How to get rid of your unprofitable partners without getting get rid of your unprofitable partners! :stuck_out_tongue:

So just to confirm the successor is $10k/mo minimum commit?

You need to be more transparent.

So goodbye Cloudflare… it was nice to meet you

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Now that the host API is dead, what are the migration paths? I understand that there is a new Tenant API but that seems to require us to sign up as a partner with a $10000 per month minimum spend (according to the previous zone_set thead).

Are there any plans by Cloudflare to provide a migration path? Can anyone provide more transparency on the pricing?

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Would it be possible for amends to be made to existing zones? We have hundreds of existing websites using the Host API and cannot even make changes to existing zones (for example if the target site moves from one server to another).

Certainly not through the API:

Out of curiosity, when you used zone_set, does the result show up anywhere in your Cloudflare dashboard?