Removal on "zone_set" from API

I agree, this is our method of working. Transferring the complete DNS to CloudFlare is not an option for us. I wonder why we were not even notified up front so we could decide on an alternative.


Same here. We have many customers who only want to point a specific subdomain to us and want to keep everything else with an existing provider.

Same here :frowning: The vast majority of our clients cannot change name servers and cname was the only option available for them. This kills off a large part of the “partner” system without any explanation, reason or notice.

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Any idea @TKlein why this is happening? And what are our options to tell our clients.

Indeed. Not being able to add new zones can be worked around, albeit with pain. Not being able to modify existing zones is problematic.

But, we need to know if existing cname zones are going to be turned off with zero notice, as this would take the vast majority of our sites down. Some of our clients need several weeks notice to change DNS records so the same zero notice would not work well.

I received the following response to a support ticket, which wasn’t exactly helpful, apart from seeming to confirm that existing cname setups should continue to work:

grumpf…“potential” security risk…why not fix the real issue instead of removing the entire feature and crippling our services and basically leaves our customers stranded…?
discovering this after at least 10 years of operations makes me wonder…

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My thoughts exactly


As CloudFLare partners for many years, I believe we need more attention from the team.

Can you help us?

Will the API be completely disabled?

Will we no longer be able to use this feature?

Hope the CloudFlare team can answer us here


I replied to their last message on Tuesday morning asking if there were any plans to fix this, for suggestions on alternatives and pointed out this community thread. Still no response after 48 hours.

I think it is shocking how partners are treated. If they do this without communication, whatever the outcome is of this situation will be, they can do it again.

We will search for alternatives.

What! …you cannot even add any new subdomains to current zones anymore.
Now the partner account is useless and our customers are left on whats there for now.
No more sites can be added to the ones you already have.

I haven´t got any answers either and having 140+ zones in there gives me the creeps…

Can you all please raise tickets? It seem like it’s the only way to get CF eyes on this.

Or maybe tag @eastdakota and @jgrahamc on Twitter asking why they killed the partner program.

We’ll see if I get any response. This support/community doesn’t seem to have any CF reps.

Hello everyone, good afternoon.

We are having problems with the CloudFlare plugin in CPanel.

By clicking on (Provision Domain with CNAME Setup)
Return this error to me.

Do you know what it can be?

An unknown CloudFlare error has occurred during zone creation and has been logged. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will fix the problem promptly.

Try to uninstall the plugin and then reinstall the plugin.

Hello @CreatorRevealed
How are you?

This error has been occurring for a few days now, but I have about 160 sites added that were working fine.

Removing and installing the plugin won’t cause problems with those sites that are working fine?

Hi @user11508,

It may be related to this, not sure.

Looks like the same.

It’s an absurd change by Cloudflare.

Hello @domjh
Thank you very much, I believe so, it is related.

I’m pretty upset about this situation.
I will open a call in the partner center to understand what is happening.

Thank you again