REMOVAL OF intimate pictures of my fiance

I have already mailed cloudfare regarding taking down one site link which contains illegal pictures of my fiance. I havent yet received a reply. It is of urgent basis. Please help me take down the site. the site is {redacted} and I would be forever grateful if cloudflare can help me take down this site because the site owner is not even replying to my mails and is ignoring my notices that i have sent him.
mail ID- {redacted}
My name Subhra {redacted} and I have already provided by ID proof.

That domain is not registered in the first place.

For any other abuse reports you can contact them at

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but brother i have the link to the exact post that which contains her pictures and that is working how so…and I want to remove that url from the web. Please help. I can provide you with the exact url. Please dont dismiss my concern i am not lying here. It is a serious matter I would be grateful for your help. This site wont open but the link to her images which is in this site only opens. Help me take that down I just didnt want to send that link publicly here

the site is {redacted}… sorry for the mistake

brother I have already sent them multiple mails regarding this but they havent yet helped me out in taking down the pictures. I have also sent my valid ID proof nothing happened. please help anyone.

Mails won’t help. You need to to compile that form. The community cannot do anything here.

i filled up the form and they mailed me and told me to send the mail forward with my ID proof…what else am I supposed to do

You just wait for what the abuse team decides.

ok sure brother I am praying to my god they help me save her life. I will let you know.

I have used the abuse form in cloudflare website but they have told me to send government ID for verification purpose. I had already attached my ID in the form itself but they didn’t see it apparently so they emailed me saying that if you are the copyright owner please send me your government ID proof replying to this mail itself. Since then I have already replied to their mail but they have not replied back nor helped me in any way. It’s been 15 days now. They are not understanding how helpless I am and how little of a help I need. Even after multiple verification they haven’t help me contacting the website host who published my fiance’s pictures. The moderator of that website hasn’t even replied to any of my mails. I need help contacting him or I have to send court notice. I am a student and I need help. Any administrators here please help.

As mentioned two weeks ago that is nothing the community can fix. You need to wait for the abuse team, if they do not take action that will be their final decision.

Please dont close the thread. The abuse team hasn’t even replied even after showing multiple proof. I need help. I need any administrator to reply to my message. And talk to them. Brother please understand I have no where else to go. In my country IT laws are very relaxed. I need help. Don’t close the thread.

Temporarily reopened. But please do not open thread after thread.

As mentioned numerous times so far, the community cannot do anything and if abuse did not take action there is not much you can do.

Ok thank you brother. I hope some administrator sees this.

Again, only the abuse team can handle this. But we discussed this two weeks ago already.

What you can always do is take this to a legal representative. Also, contact the authorities.

The forum is the wrong place to discuss this.

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