Removal of a page forcing money from Cloudflare servers

I didn’t know where to write it so it will write it in the public forum, maybe someone will help. On Cloudflare’s servers there is a website which steals negative opinions about people and companies from other sites and publishes them high in google results, and for their removal of a single comment about a person or company forces a lot of money. Often these are comments from 5-10 years ago that have long been out of date. This causes great harm to every person and especially to small businesses. These are money extortion, punishable by law in the USA and the EU. But the company that manages this amateur website is established in the Marshall Islands, where you feel safe. Could Cloudflare administrators take this site off the servers as a reason for violating data protection law and fraud, or any other reason for social harm?

Here’s a link to Cloudflare’s Abuse department:


Hi @marcel.drugi, this link to a series of recent posts that address the issue you’re raising, Due Process - The Cloudflare Blog. The site you mention shows as blank, but if they’re hosting content on their servers that violates local law, report it to local authorities. You can let the Cloudflare team know by writing the details on an abuse complaint, Abuse claims are handled as described in the recent posts.


Ahhh does not work because it must be entered without “www” >
then it operates normally.

I understand… Local authorities, police, they can’t do anything because this 1-person company is established in the exotic Marshall Islands. This person knew that many people could get upset and took care of them. She got a lot of nervousness because there are whole articles about how she raises money. Under some companies there are thousands of comments, good mixed with negative ones, taken out of the old depths of the Internet for which the amount of money amounts to $100k and more ($50 for one comment). My client asked me to take care of it, because his name is displayed as 4 in the Google results from this page, where there are negative comments from 7 years ago, long explained matters. The company that sold these domains, is established in Cyprus and can’t do anything, they ordered to contact the hosting company because only they can finish it. Thank you for your answer!

If you don’t mind, please do let the team know via the abuse form. They may or may no be able to impact anything depending upon what they find, but is always good to alert them of issues.

Okay, I will try to fill in this form and they can even delete my client’s data instead of the whole site. But already after the very appearance of the site you can say that it’s a total amateur, and a fraudulent site. =Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Success! The page stopped working:) Even Offshore hosting in the Netherlands in a country where the law is very mild for digital content has announced that it will not tolerate the extortion of money on their servers.


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