Remote WordPress management

I’m using iThemes Sync to remotely manage my WordPress websites. Sync is not able to connect to a site I have on Cloudflare. I after contacting iThemes, they recommended that I add their IP address to a whitelist. I did that but Sync still cannot connect to the site. They suggested I ask for help.

I’m using the free version of Cloudflare. Any ideas how to allow a remote WordPress management tool like Sync or ManageWP get the access they need to work on websites using Cloudflare?

Whitelist in IP Access Rules, make sure Browser Integrity Check is off, create a Firewall Rule to allow all request then try again
Is this management system connect through remote database or it just web scraping

Thanks, I tried all those but it’s still not connecting.

iThemes technical support says, that Sync will log into WordPress the same way a user would log into WordPress. I may need to try another WordPress site and see if it’s just an issue with that particular site.

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