Remote IP still being carried over after dns switch to cloudflare

I have two domains on Cloudflare now.

For the first one, I had to make changes on the server in order to retain the original IP into the apache2 logs.

We added another domain this morning and I am seeing that the server still sees the original IPs ( not the cloudlfare ones ) and I can see that all the traffic is now routed through Cloudflare.

I can’t tell if I have done something wrong. The config between the two domain look identical.

Any tips to doublecheck configuration will be very much appreciated.

I believe the general instructions for Restoring Visitor IP Addresses is server-wide, so it will correct the issue for all sites on that web server.

I can confirm that DNS for those two domains point to Cloudflare, so any visits to those sites should be proxied by Cloudflare unless someone has made a very deliberate effort to bypass Cloudflare, which is highly unlikely.

Thanks sdayman. is on a different server. The flag to read and pass the proper header is added per virtual host.

On the new server I dont have remote-ip enabled, or any of the subsequent changes needed ( log format changes and vhost conf changes )

Now it has kicked in. So it takes a few hours to completely work.

Case closed.

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