Remote desktop into windows server using cloudflare tunnel

I am trying to publish RDWeb Apps from a WIN server 2019 and access from a WIN10 computer remotely. Server is in AWS environment & my computer ofcourse is WIN10 pro at home (remote).

I use RDP on daily basis without an issue when connecting via VPN. I have Pfsense firewall on a very light instance which works as bastion. Once connected to VPN I can launch the RDWeb apps on my computer.

So, this is what I am trying to replicate and like to replace Pfsense firewall with Cloudflare tunnel. In theory I have followed each instructions from Cloudflare RDP link, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.
With my domain, I reach the ISS (windows server default page (internet information service)). So it is part working. I just don’t know how do I get to RDP page. Or change port to 3389 so instead of webpage I get RDP login page.
Can someone please shed some light? Thank you in advance.

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks