Remote access to home network

Trying to understand how Cloudflare works has been a bit overwhelming for me.

I have to travel for work and I would like to access my home network. I would like to ssh into my home server, RDP in to my computer and access some of the web service like portainer via a browser.

I was able to get the web service part working by installing the zero trust client on the ubuntu server that is running portainer. In the public name I added the servername domain name and point to it’s local ip address:port

I am stuck on being. able to access the server via ssh or rdp into a computer.

Could someone explain how to do this in very basic terms?

Thank you

I think you missed the part where you need to install and use cloudflared to connect to SSH or RDP Just follow this.

You may Access SSH via browser you may follow this thread

Let me know if you are able to follow.