- Who are they?

I have been getting around 500 request per day from this IP which is appearing in my google analytics and skewing my data.

It was showing in my analytics as “microsoft corporation” under network. I checked my apache logs and none of the most popular ip addresses looked too suspicious and did show as Microsoft. So I checked the network domain in analytics to find it was listed as which doesn’t seem related to Microsoft.

Does anyone have any idea exactly why is spidering my website so much / what their purpose is?

Just noticed there are quite a few similar complaints listed here | Microsoft Corporation | AbuseIPDB

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My guess would be they run on Azure, hence Microsoft shows up as owner of that netblock.

How did you get to find a connection to Relativity? Can you post an excerpt from the log files of these requests?

Traced it to relatitivity via Analytics by showing network domain, it does sound like its on Azure - not sure if network domain can be spoofed?


Here is apache accss count

I dont know where and how Google obtains the information so I cant comment on it.

I didnt mean a count of IP address, I was referring to a proper log excerpt. That might give a clue what these requests are up to.

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