Rel=shortlink &

problem -

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to remove or improve these errors? In my view, there is something from Cloudflare.
link :- []

Where did you get the idea from that this is an error?

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Piratically this is not an error. Every traffic is to be pass through Cloudflare . This is same kind of thing. But it causing a major issue in page speed. that’s why i called error. Any suggestions regarding to this?

Again, what makes you think this can be the reason for performance issues?

It is neither. Please use the search for that particular header.

Those are just regular headers. The link one is most likely coming from your server. It only shows up when you don’t request the ‘www’ subdomain.

But the expect-ct header on its own does nothing…unless there’s a CT problem.

What’s slowing your site down is your server. Even the 301 redirect to HTTPS from your server takes 4 seconds.

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