Reinstall the SSL certificate

I activated my basic Cloudflare account, changed the Name servers to Cloudflare NS, I cannot access or login my wordpress and the error message displayed is below:
besthealth1 redirected you too many times.
I spoke to bluehost support and they suggested that I contact cloudflare and re-install my SSL certificate.
Please need help.
Thank you.


Did you try to change SSL/TLS mode to Flexible or Full?
You will need to set SSL/TLS mode to Full when you have origin certificate at the origin server.
If there’s no certificate at the origin server, you will need to set to flexible instead.

You might want to check the SSL/TLS mode, as it’s the common error that you will see ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when you set the wrong mode.

No offence @Grace_cf, but the OP should definitely not choose any of those insecure legacy modes as that will only break his site and drop all security. There are entire articles on that subject. The reason why the OP’s site does not work will be exactly because one of that modes was set by mistake.

@samr7579, make sure you choose Full Strict. This will fix the issue and is the only mode with encryption. You probably do not need to re-install a certificate, if you currently have one anyhow on your server.

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