Regulatory change, payment methods from India

I’m not able to find anything on dashboard.

"Due to an upcoming regulatory change, payment methods from India may experience failures with recurring transactions. To resolve these failures please pay your outstanding balance directly via the dashboard. "

There is no option to make payment!

That sounds similar to this:


The option to make a payment will only show when there is a balance due in your account.


I can’t find any option. I’m worried what if due to this my account gets deactivated or something.

Your account currently has no balance due, if there is a decline due to the RBI, you will see the balance due on your billing page where you can manually process the payment after the 22nd of the month.


Is the “Pay Now” button actually working for anyone from India? It’s not working for me, and I don’t see how it would either. The tokenised/saved card is still being used, which is the main problem. As opposed to not saving the card at all.

Hi @services3,

Checking your account, it appears that you had a successful payment on 10/9/21 using your credit card, and then updated your account to PayPal which was successful in paying your monthly balance.

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