Regular invoice for Pro doesn't show + can't upgrade other zones to Pro

I usually receive an invoice and renewal charge for the Pro plan I have on one of my zones on the 2nd of every month. As of today, June 4 this has not yet occurred - no email notifying me of an invoice, no charge on my account for the Pro plan as it should have charged, and in addition to this, the Dashboard shows the “next renewal” date is still June 2nd, 2024.

Attempting to try to change the plan around using the payment method on file does not give me any error on the Dashboard, in fact it gives me a green success message; however, I also immediately get an email saying “We were unable to complete the purchase, change, or cancellation of your Cloudflare subscription for .” - after which I still see no invoice ever show up, nor does any charge ever occur and the renew date still shows as June 2. On top of that, any attempt to try and subscribe another one of my zones to Pro fails with the same issue - no invoice, and the “Unable to complete” email being sent again.

I’ve already checked with my bank - the issue is not with my card on file, there is no block or suspicious activity on it. This was further verified to be the case because I was able to charge the method on file for my account by renewing some of my domains via Cloudflare Registrar, but subscribing to Pro does not work for any of the 8 zones on my account.

I have already opened a ticket under #3286931 - I really need this Pro plan to bill properly. Already tried changing payment methods, that wasn’t the problem. Any assistance would be appreciated. Again, ticket is #3286931.

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Just checking in on this. I’ve updated the ticket with additional information. I need the aforementioned ticket to be escalated/flagged/whatever needs to be done up to the Billing team so I can get this resolved. I’ve been stressing a lot over this. Thanks.

Sorry for the delayed replies, I see the ticket has been escalated to the billing queue and I’ve flagged your topic here for my colleagues in Support

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Hi @RyanRS, I’ve updated your ticket, please refer to it if you need more information.